Stop Snoring

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In my endeavors to try and stop snoring I tried so many things. I thought I would go over the things that I tried and explain why the Snore RX is the best thing to stop snoring.

The first thing that my doctor recommended to me to stop snoring was to refrain from alcohol for a couple of weeks to see if that would stop my snoring. Prescription medications that induce relaxation or alcohol sometimes can relax the muscles in the throat that cause snoring (as described by my doctor). That solution didn’t work to stop my snoring though. And I wasn’t on any medications to cause and relaxation, so that wasn’t the issue either.

Another stop snoring item that I tried was a chin strap. The chin strap was very cheap and it claimed that it would stop snoring, however I found that it was not able to stop my snoring. The only thing that the chip strap was able to do was keep my mouth closed at night. The reason that the Snore Rx works is because it slightly raises the lower jaw forward to allow proper air flow throughout the night, whereas the chin strap only kept my mouth closed. I also didn’t really care for the chin strap being around my head all. The chin strap went under my chin and over the top of my head. There was also no customization so the chin strap was a little tight around my head, not very comfortable.

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I also tried a popular nose strip that was supposed to clear the nasal passage. I thought that my nasal passages might have been causing the snoring, however those were not working because my snoring issue derived in my throat. I also noticed that my sleeping position didn’t affect my snoring either. My doctor said that sleeping on the back tended to aggravate snoring. I found that it didn’t matter what way I was sleeping that I would snore.

My doctor also advised that I try a regular sleep schedule. I usually liked to stay up a little later than my family so that I could have some alone time to read a book. I usually went to bed at different times each night and was not very consistent. What did work for me was the Snore RX anti-snoring mouthpiece and getting to be at a regular time. I like to make sure that I go to sleep at about 10:30 each night.

The Snore Rx mouthpiece made the biggest difference with my snoring and I highly recommend it. It works because it raises the jaw to allow proper air flow. At night your body becomes very relaxed and it causes the muscles in the throat and tongue to relax which inhibits the air flow. Snore Rx allows your air flow to stay open all night while remaining comfortable enough to sleep with all night. I have no issues with using my Snore Rx at night. It has completely stopped all my snoring problems.

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