Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

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Before deciding to buy the Snore RX mouthpiece I researched other stop snoring mouthpieces to find the best one.

The top stop snoring mouthpieces that I compared were: ZQuiet, Zyppah, PureSleep, GMSS and Snore Rx.

After my research I went with Snore Rx and I very glad that I did because of all of the benefits that Snore Rx has to offer. It is a cost efficient and extremely convenient snoring solution. Snore RX has benefited my whole family, not just myself. My wife no longer has to sleep in our guest room to get a good night rest. I could not be happier with my choice to use Snore Rx stop snoring mouthpiece.

One of the best aspects of the Snore RX stop snoring mouthpiece is the ability to get a custom fit to your mouth. The Snore Rx first arrived to me in the mail as a mold ready for me to fit to my mouth. All I had to do was heat some water in my microwave, place unmolded Snore Rx mouth piece in the hot water for 90 seconds, the place the hot mouth piece into room temperature water for 3 seconds and the bite firmly down on the device to create the impression. Then it is ready to use. Setting up the Snore Rx is very simple. PureSleep and Zyppah were the only other stop snoring mouthpieces on the market to even offer a customizable impression for your mouth. I didn’t think that the other mouth pieces were even going to be comfortable if I could not get a custom fit for my mouth.

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Then the Snore Rx has micro adjustment settings. No other stop snoring mouthpiece on the market has micro adjustments. Micro adjustments means that you can adjust the Snore Rx mouthpiece a millimeter at a time to decide how forward you would like your jaw to sit at night. Bringing the jaw forward slightly is what stops snoring at night. Other mouthpieces on the market like PureSleep only has three settings or adjustments, which is kind of like a one size fits all mouthpiece (which isn’t very likely) versus getting a customized and comfortable mouthpiece.

The other great option with Snore Rx is that once you set an adjustment on it you can always change it if isn’t comfortable in its current adjustment. Between the other top anti snoring mouthpieces like ZQuiet, Zyppah, PureSleep, and GMSS you can’t change the settings once they have been set. So that really discouraged me from getting those mouthpieces because once they are set, they’re set. I was glad that I went with Snore Rx because I did change my micro adjustments a couple of times to get the best and most comfortable setting.

The biggest aspect that impressed me most about Snore Rx is that is the only stop snoring mouthpiece that meets and exceeds established medical standards and it is approved and respected by medical authorities. I believe that Snore Rx is the best anti-snoring mouthpiece and it has been proven in clinical studies. It has been able to stop my own obnoxious snoring and that is enough proof for me!

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