Stop Snoring Device

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The reason that Snore Rx is a great stop snoring device is because it works. Snoring is caused by relaxed throat muscles or tongue in the night. Those relaxed muscles can collapse and cause a blockage in the air way, which then leads to the all too familiar snoring sound.

Snore Rx is effectively able to stop snoring by gently raising the lower jaw forward to prevent the muscles collapsing and restore proper breathing throughout the night. The Snore Rx has micro adjustability so that you can decide how far forward to raise your lower jaw in millimeters, which is something that no other stop snoring device on the market offers. Other stop snoring devices are a one size fits all kind of mouthpiece, which really isn’t very comfortable. I chose Snore Rx for optimal comfort because it is a mouthpiece designed to be worn all night to stop snoring.

During the night the Snore Rx stop snoring device fit comfortably in my mouth and does not cause any extra strain. I would not describe it like a mouth guard because when I wear a mouth guard I usually have to bite that down to keep it in my mouth. I don’t have to bite down to keep my Snore Rx in my mouth or anything. It basically just rests in my mouth and I don’t have to do anything else. The material that Snore Rx is made of out is called Copolymer and Snore Rx uses copolymer that is premium and medial grade. The material is durable so I’m not worried about biting through it, even though I don’t have teeth grinding issues anymore. I’m also not worried about the mouth piece sliding around in the night because the material keeps my jaw and teeth in place and the customized fit also helps keep everything in place as well.

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As a kid I used to grind my teeth and I wore a night guard then to prevent me from grinding down my teeth. It wasn’t very comfortable as it wasn’t customized to fit my mouth and didn’t have an impression on my teeth. In the morning I would wake up with a sore jaw. I was glad that I grew out of that. But with my Snore Rx stop snoring device I wake up with no sore jaw or anything. It is a very comfortable mouthpiece.

I’ve recommended Snore Rx stop snoring device to everyone I know personally and then I made my own online review about it because of how well it has worked for me. Before trying Snore Rx I had terrible snoring issues and my wife and I could not get a good night sleep. I have never slept better because of my Snore Rx.

Snore Rx has been able to stop my snoring issue from the first night that I wore it. The first night I wore I noticed a decrease in snoring and then the next night I adjusted the micro adjustments a couple of millimeters forward and then it completely eliminated my snoring that night. I have been amazed at how well this product works and how simple it is to use.

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