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Hello there! My name is Gordon and welcome to my SnoreRX reviews site. I decided to make my review page so that I could share my experience with SnoreRX, other snoring solutions and what has stopped my snoring issues. I wanted to be able to help other people out there who might be struggling with snoring like I was.

Before SnoreRX I had a terrible case of snoring. I was snoring so much in the night that I was constantly waking myself up during the night. I would be tired the next day because of how often my sleeping was interrupted due to my excessive snoring. It was aggravating because not only was I disturbing my own sleep, but my wife suffered from my snoring issues as well. She wasn’t able to sleep in the same room with me because of how much I was snoring. When she started sleeping in our guest room was when I realized that I needed to find a solution for my snoring.

I learned that my snoring was occurring due to my throat muscles collapsing during the night, which led to a blocked air flow which causes the snoring. SnoreRX is a comfortable mouth piece that I wear while I sleep. It slightly raises my lower jaw to open my air way.

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When I first looked into the SnoreRX and discovered that it was a mouthpiece I was a little concerned about whether or not it was going to be comfortable to wear at night. I was happy to learn that SnoreRX is a custom fit mouthpiece so that it will always be comfortable and perfect for my mouth. The 30 Day money back guarantee was also really comforting when buying the Snore RX. If the SnoreRX was not comfortable I could return it and get my money back no problem. Plus I knew that 30 days would be plenty of time to see if SnoreRX would help with my snoring or not.

I was able to notice a difference in my snoring the first night that I wore my SnoreRX. I was extremely impressed with how well it worked, which I why I wanted to my make my own SnoreRX review. I have been able to sleep 5 to 6 hours straight whereas before I was waking up every hour and more because of my snoring. Getting deep rest with SnoreRX has improved my productivity and my life each day. I hadn’t been able to get that much deep rest because of how much I was waking up due to snoring. Now I feel ten times better because I can sleep peacefully at night. The best part though is that my wife doesn’t sleep in the guest room anymore. She is also able to sleep peacefully at night because of the SnoreRX for me.

I highly recommend the SnoreRX because of how well it has worked for me. It has been the most comfortable anti-snoring mouthpiece that I’ve tried. I hope that my SnoreRX reviews are helpful.

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