Snore RX

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So far I hope that my Snore RX review has been helpful. I mainly wanted to make my own Snore RX review so that I could try and help other people. I know that lots of people have troubles with snoring and it would be nice to be able to help other people alleviate their snoring issues like I have.

I used to snore so loudly that I would wake myself up every hour so I wasn’t getting a full and restful sleep. It would affect my work because I would be so tired the next day. My wife also suffered from poor sleep because of my snoring. She tried to wear ear plugs and ignore my snoring but it was so loud that she couldn’t sleep through it and had to sleep in our guest room for a time so that she could get a decent night sleep.

After trying home remedies, visiting my doctor and trying some other products to stop snoring I settled on an anti-snoring mouthpiece, which is the best decision that I have made. I highly recommend the Snore Rx mouthpiece because it is the best on the market. Snore Rx uses the highest medical grade material and is made in the USA as well.

Snore Rx also offers the most customizable options, which is essential to getting the best fit for your mouth. I like that with Snore Rx my mouthpiece is customized to my mouth and fits like a glove. Because it is a perfect impression of my teeth and mouth I hardly notice that I am sleeping with it at night, it doesn’t fall out in the middle of the night and is extremely comfortable. The Snore Rx is also the only mouthpiece to allow micro adjustments to give an even more customizable fit.

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I also like that Snore Rx uses no hardware in its design. Some anti-snoring mouthpieces use hardware to be able to make adjustments to them and I was worried that if I used one of those mouthpieces that the hardware might break and fall off into my mouth.

Snore Rx has made a huge difference for my since the first night I used it. Setting up my Snore Rx so that it fit my mouth perfectly took about five minutes from creating the custom impression and getting my first settings in.

The first night that I used it I noticed my snoring was greatly reduced. I didn’t wake myself up at all that night! But my wife said that I was still snoring a little bit, but not as loud as I used to. So the second night I made a micro adjustment to bring jaw out a little bit more, about two more millimeters and that made all the difference. I didn’t snore at all night. It was amazing to go from soring so much that I was up every hour to go to no snoring at all. I have never slept better and my wife moved out of the guest room because she is able to sleep better also. I highly recommend the Snore Rx.

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